Dynamic Feeding Enables Increased Total Protein Yield in Industrial Fed-Batch Bioprocesses

Autoren: Johannes Wirth, Stefan Wieschalka, Anja Schäfer, Lorenzo Bisgen und Jadranka Koehn
Mai 2019 (1 MB)

TurboCellTM – A Fast Way to Stable Production Cell Lines

Autoren: Britta Reichenbächer, Brigitte Anic, Katharina Köther, Janet Köhler, Jadranka Koehn
Mai 2019 (1 MB)

Reduced Clone Variation of CHO Cells by Single Targeted Integration

Autoren: Katharina Koether, Carmen Butscher, Sebastian Wiese, Jadranka Koehn
Mai 2019 (1 MB)

Intensification Of A Platform Fedbatch Process - A CDMO Perspective

Authors: Marvin Kadisch, Isabelle Dumrese, Kurt Russ
May 2019 (1 MB)

Dynamic Biomass based Feeding of an Industrial CHO Fed-batch Process

Autoren: Stefan Wieschalka, Johannes Wirth, Anja Schäfer, Franziska Nohr, Lorenzo Bisgen, Jadranka Koehn
Mai 2019 (1 MB)

Advanced Formulations of Biopharmaceuticals

Autoren: Jadranka Koehn, Jens Altrichter, Birgit Schwab, Konstantin Petropoulos, Sabine Hauck
November 2018 (3 MB)

Intensification of mAb downstream processes using modular innovative purification technologies

Autoren: Anja Trapp, Verena Kössler, Gregor Neumann, Sven Schubert, Alexander Faude
November 2018 (1 MB)

Scale-up of an affinity chromatography to 1000 L manufacturing scale using space-time optimized resin and yield (STORY) approach

Autoren: Marlene Holder, Sabrina Graser, Hannah Ness, Markus Blender, Thomas Ziglasch, Anja Trapp, Alexander Faude, Thilo Grob
Oktober 2018 (2 MB)

Impurity Precipitation for mAb Capture Optimization

Autoren: Silke Bastian, Coralie Tanzer, Anja Trapp, Jadranka Koehn
September 2018 (1 MB)

TurboCellTM Line Development 10 Weeks from DNA to Top4 Clone Decision

Autoren: Britta Reichenbächer, Brigitte Anic, Stefanie Oeding, Jadranka Koehn
September 2018 (1 MB)

Virus Clearance by Salt Tolerant Anion Exchange Chromatography in Flow Through Mode

Autoren: Verena Vollmar, Sabine Faust, Anja Trapp, Egbert Müller, Benjamin Zeitler, Alexander Faude
September (1 MB)

Take Full Advantage of Caprylic Acid Induced Impurity Precipitation in MAb Purification

Autoren: Anja Trapp, Natalie Hörold, Sabine Faust, Alexander Faude
September 2018 (1 MB)

Controlled Integration Site Mapping by NGS-Based - Targeted Locus Amplification and Regular PCR

Autoren: Katharina Koether, Isabel Proneth, Janet Köhler, Jadranka Koehn
September 2018 (1 MB)

Advanced Formulations of Biopharmaceuticals

Autoren: Martin Scholz(1), Stefan R. Schmidt(2), Birgit Schwab(2), Roland Derwand(1), Sabine Hauck(1)
(1) Leukocare, (2) Rentschler Biopharma
März 2018 (2 MB)

High-Density Cell Banking for Intensified Seed Trains

Autoren: Marvin Kadisch, Lisa Weißer, Kurt Russ
March 2018 (3 MB)

Taking Advantage of the Virus Inactivating Effect in Caprylic Acid-Based Impurity Precipitation for Downstream Processes

Autoren: Sabine Faust, Natalie Hörold, Sven Schubert, Anja Trapp, Alexander Faude
Mai 2017 (2 MB)

Single-Use or Multi-Use – How Proper Does It Work in Small-Scale?

Autoren: Stefan Wieschalka, Janine Seidemann, Anja Schäfer, Stefan R. Schmidt
Mai 2017 (4 MB)

Analysis of Product Quality Attributes by MIR Spectroscopy

Autoren: Anne Steinkämper, Ralf Masuch, Kurt Russ
Mai 2017 (2 MB)

Manufacturing of Complex Biobetters: Half-Life Extended Fusion Proteins and Bispecific Molecules

Autor: Stefan R. Schmidt
Januar 2017 (3 MB)

Leveraging HT Product Quality Analysis using Semi-preparative Protein A-HPLC

Autoren: Anja Gerster, Alexander Faude und Dethardt Müller
April 2016 (4 MB)

Molecular Properties of Antibodies and their Derivatives Impacting Manufacturing

Autor: Stefan R. Schmidt
März 2016 (4 MB)

FcγRIII (CD16) and GD2 Binding Assay for an IgG using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR; Biacore) as a Surrogate for Evaluation of Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC)

Autoren: Marco Bareth, Stefan Stranner, Manfred Schuster, Melanie Krist, Andreas Maier, Philipp Goerttler, Anton Walser
September 2015 (4 MB)

Increased Antibody Yield due to Modification of LC and HC Expression by Gene Regulatory Elements

Autoren: Claas Wodarczyk, Britta Reichenbächer, Andreas Schulze, Janet Köhler, Anja Gerster, Bernd Rehberger, Dethardt Müller
Juni 2015 (1 MB)

Virus Removal by Simple Depth Filtration in a Two-Step Downstream Process for mAb Production

Autoren: Alexander Faude, Mario Metzger, Anja Gerster, Marcus Peiker, Sabine Faust, Sybille Ebert, Sophie Winterfeld, Nicole Mang, Dethardt Müller
Juli 2014 (1 MB)

Setting up transfection-based recombinant AAV production in the iCELLisTM single use fi xed-bed bioreactor

Autoren: Antje Pegel, Jessica Wegele, Marion Kunz, Claudia Küppers, Andreas Schulze, Antje Rößner, Daniel Kreß, Florian Sonntag, Markus Hörer
Oktober 2013 (3 MB)

Novel tools could give stable producer cell lines their break for commercial manufacturing of recombinant AAV vectors

Autoren: Verena Emmerling, Karlheinz Holzmann, Karin Lanz, Jessica Wegele, Stefan Kochanek, Markus Hörer
Oktober 2013 (3 MB)

Accelerating stable recombinant cell line development by targeted integration

Autoren: Bernd Rehberger, Claas Wodarczyk, Britta Reichenbächer, Janet Köhler, Renée Weber, Dethardt Müller
Juni 2013 (3 MB)

Novel approaches to render stable producer cell lines viable for the commercial manufacturing of RAAV-based gene therapy vectors

Autoren: Verena Emmerling, Karlheinz Holzmann, Karin Lanz, Stefan Kochanek, Markus Hörer
Juni 2013 (3 MB)

Fast track API manufacturing from shake flask to production scale using a 1,000 L single use facility

Autoren: Benjamin Minow, Sven Reiser, Peter Rogge
März 2013 (2 MB)