Article in Journal of Biotechnology, May 2, 2018

June 1, 2018 Article in Journal of Biotechnology, May 2, 2018

“Multiple functions of caprylic acid-induced impurity precipitation for process intensification in monoclonal antibody purification”
by Anja Trapp, Alexander Faude, Natalie Hörold, Sven Schubert, Sabine Faust, Thilo Grob, Stefan Schmidt

New purification approaches improving the performance of monoclonal antibody manufacturing are necessary for further bioprocess intensification.

This peer-reviewed article focuses on the use of caprylic acid-induced precipitation as process step in monoclonal antibody purification. Caprylic acid is a short chain saturated fatty acid and is used in plasma industry since decades to isolate immunoglobulins from plasma. Based on its hydrophobic character it can interact with proteins and thus induce a precipitation which enables the removal of typical process- and product related impurities while leaving the antibody in solution.

Especially the low pH virus inactivation step enables a simple integration of caprylic acid-induced precipitation in antibody platform approaches. Not only removal of host cell proteins, but also efficient virus clearance was demonstrated. Moreover, the article provides important insights regarding antibody stability in caprylic acid-induced precipitation. Using this knowledge together with process relevant factors like optimal pH value and precipitant concentration enables the design of an intensified two-stage antibody purification process significantly shorter and more economical than conventional purification processes.

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