Focusing on Accelerated Formulation Strategies

April 23, 2021 Focusing on Accelerated Formulation Strategies

Rentschler experts featured in Pharmaceutical Technology magazine

Drug development can be made more cost-efficient by accelerating the development timeline, so that the speed-to-market is shortened, an aspect that can be aided with accelerated formulation strategies. We, at Rentschler Biopharma, offer our clients best-in-class formulation development along the biopharmaceutical value chain through our strategic alliance with Leukocare.

Alexander Faude, Director Process Science, DSP, Marvin Kadisch, Director Process Science and Andreas Seidl, COO Leukocare AG, joined industry experts in elucidating on the key priorities and challenges of accelerated formulation strategies in an interview with Pharmaceutical Technology Magazine.

“Being able to take formulation development off the critical path provides the biggest benefit of accelerated formulation strategies. “Moreover, efficient processes that implement all the components discussed earlier will save time. This in turn will translate to a faster time-to-clinic which ultimately leads to a faster time-to-market,” said Alexander Faude.

Using in-silico tools to narrow down the suitable excipients can greatly improve prediction of formulation strategies, shared Marvin Kadisch. “The application of in-silico tools is gaining increasing importance and will continue to do so in the near future,” he states. “This application will facilitate the efficient examination of excipient libraries (prior to design of experiment [DoE]) and overall prediction.”

Consultation between an outsourcing partner and sponsor company is key when establishing project goals and a successful strategy, continued Faude. “It is essential to approach the project as a partnership, as a collaboration where the client and outsourcing partner are equally invested in project success,” he explained.

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