Interview in CHEManager with Dr. Frank Mathias, CEO of Rentschler Biopharma

August 15, 2018 Interview in CHEManager with Dr. Frank Mathias, CEO of Rentschler Biopharma

Quality from Upper Swabia - claiming technology leadership in the pharmaceutical business

Rentschler Biopharma is one of the world's leading producers of highly complex biopharmaceuticals. To keep pace with the changing market and customer requirements of the future, the company is implementing its "Strategy 2025" that was developed in consultation between the management, employees plus customers and representatives from the scientific and financial community. In an interview with Thorsten Schüller, editor at CHEManager, Dr. Frank Mathias, CEO of Rentschler Biopharma, explained important aspects of this strategy and how the company intends to develop over the coming years.

One central aspect of Rentschler Biopharma's future is to remain an independent, private company in 2025. This ensures that Rentschler Biopharma will be able to take advantage of the strengths and flexibility of being both a private family owned company and a medium-sized business. The company's customers value the fact that Rentschler Biopharma does not have its own pipeline, therefore removing any competition concerns.

Another part of Strategy 2025 is the established goal to deliver the best possible quality and to remain a technological leader in the biotechnology industry. Rentschler Biopharma aims to integrate innovation and the latest cutting-edge technologies along the entire value chain - from gene to vial. One example is the strategic alliance with Leukocare AG, which enables Rentschler Biopharma to offer innovative formulation technologies to its customers. This technology makes it possible to keep active ingredients more stable at room temperature, representing a huge competitive advantage.

If you want to know more about our future plans, you can find the full interview here.

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