Presentations at Peptalk and at Cell Line Development & Engineering

March 21, 2014 Presentations at Peptalk and at Cell Line Development & Engineering

Participation in international conferences and presentations of experiences and results from technology development and production.

From 13th to 17th of January 2014 the annual Peptalk conference took place in Palm Springs, California. This conference is the world's major event on the subject of protein therapeutics. This year, nearly 1,200 specialists from drug discovery and development from all over the world met there. The conference was devoted to a broad spectrum of topics such as development of innovative therapeutic antibody and non-antibody protein formats, expression, purification, formulation and delivery. Every day there were seven lecture sessions in parallel. Moreover 85 companies exhibited and 100 scientific posters were discussed.
In the session “Recombinant protein therapeutics – overcoming production challenges”, Dr. Stefan Schmidt, Vice President DSP Production at Rentschler, presented under the headline “Solving Purification and Production Issues of Therapeutic Fusion Proteins” USP and DSP strategies for efficiently manufacturing of challenging protein formats. He demonstrated in form of case studies Rentschler’s experience for improving the glycan pattern, for the removal of aggregates and for measures to increase the titer. He also illustrated the expertise of the company with perfusion processes and compared it with fed batch projects. The presentation was attended by over 100 participants and found a great resonance in view of Rentschler’s experience in the production of non-antibody proteins.

From 10th to 14th of February 2014 Rentschler participated in the annual Cell Line Development & Engineering conference, which took place in Vienna. The participants were mainly from European but also US American and Asian big and mid-sized biotech companies as well as universities, research institutes, subcontractors and appliance manufacturers. In over 50 talks and panel discussions, the newest technologies and outcomes in cell line development processes were shown from and for experts on the field.
In the session “Engineering for improved cell line quality and titers”, Dr. Claas Wodarczyk, Associate Director for technology and cell line development at Rentschler, presented the cell line development platform TurboCell™ which was in-house developed in the last years and laughed in 2013 for customer projects. Based on case studies, the advantage of TurboCell™ for an accelerated but also simultaneous development of different cell pools and lines with predictable growth and production kinetics and product quality was highlighted. In subsequent discussions, many of the over 80 conference participants who attended the presentation, gave greatly positive feedbacks to the TurboCell™ process - especially in terms of its flexibility, speed and robustness.

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