Your career opportunities at Rentschler Biopharma

At Rentschler Biopharma every employee contributes to the company’s success. We offer exciting jobs for both seasoned professionals as well as people just starting their careers in the following fields of activity.

Training and academic studies

Our apprenticed trades

  • Industrial Management Assistant (m/w/d) with additional qualification English
  • IT Specialist (m/w/d) specializing in Systems Integration
  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m/w/d)

Do you want to study for a job with a future? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Academic studies

Did you pass the general higher education entrance qualification with good marks and are you looking for a combination of academic studies and on-the-job training? We offer study places in collaboration with the Cooperative University Ravensburg.

Our degree program:

  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) – Business Information Systems – DHBW Ravensburg
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), International Business – DHBW Ravensburg



Internships and degree theses

We offer internships and degree theses (diploma, bachelor’s or master’s thesis) in almost all corporate departments. You will be involved in interesting projects and in our day-to-day operations and will be a part of the team.

Should you not find any job openings that suit you on our website, then please send us an unsolicited application.

Direct entry

Process Development and Manufacturing

As an employee of the Process Development and Manufacturing department, you will be a part of the entire process from gene to active ingredient. This includes the generation of cell lines, optimization of cultivation conditions, isolation and cleaning of therapeutic proteins as well as biotechnological manufacturing and media production on a large scale. At the same time, you will develop, evaluate and establish innovative technologies, whose use ensures vital care of patients with various illnesses.

Quality Management

Quality management in the pharmaceutical industry is of key importance and presupposes a high degree of expertise on your part as an employee. Rentschler Biopharma has three sub-areas: The Quality Control Laboratories provide support for development, manufacturing, release and approval of the drug substances and drug products. The Regulatory Affairs sub-area helps clients with the approval of active ingredients and biopharmaceuticals. The Quality Assurance sub-area is responsible for developing new strategies, updating and refining quality management systems and overseeing and implementing official and client audits.

Technical Services

The main tasks of the department for Technical Services are divided into the Process Technology and Technical Service areas. As a Process Technology employee, you will be responsible for implementing, repairing and maintaining our pharmaceutical equipment. As a Technical Services employee, you will install and oversee the necessary support systems such as water purification, heat generation, electrical engineering, and so on.

Business Development, Project Management and Communication

At Business Development we lay the groundwork for successful projects. As a business developer, you acquire client projects, you are close to our clients and precisely analyze our clients’ requirements. A good understanding of the manufacturing processes is also required in order to provide competent advice and planning. At Project Management our project managers are the client’s permanent contact, and they manage an interdisciplinary team. While implementing client projects, the project manager takes on the entire management process. The Communication Team identifies trends by intensively analyzing the market, environment and target groups and evaluate the market position of Rentschler Biopharma. As communication experts you support the planning and implementation of communication for Rentschler’s brand on the biotech market.

Finances and Controlling

Sustainable value creation and increased profitability play a decisive role for Rentschler. As an employee of the Finances and Controlling area, you will provide Executive Management and the various departments with business information relevant to the decision-making process. This way you will support the long-term stability of our company and lay the foundation for strategic growth.

Information Technology

State-of-the-art IT solutions in the entire company ensure that value-creation chains are depicted economically, transparently and efficiently. As an employee of our IT department, you will assist us with the selection and introduction of new IT systems in all areas of the company. You will also support day-to-day operations. This is how you too can make a contribution to our company’s profitability and security.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Teams at Rentschler Biopharma are responsible for a secure, reliable delivery chain. Our Supply Chain starts with the long-term capacity planning of our facilities and resources and end with the final shipping of the products. Our teams are responsible for the global purchasing of materials and raw materials for our manufacturing. They ensure long-term, reliable material supply through careful selection of suppliers. They coordinate incoming and outgoing goods including packaging and shipping and the continuous physical movement of the materials on the site, all the way down to the shipping of the final product.

Human Resources

Rentschler is looking for employees who help the Rentschler Group move forward with up-to-date professional and methodological expertise as well as innovative ideas. As an employee of the Human Resources department, you will make an important contribution to Rentschler’s value creation as a competent partner of the departments. You will ensure – through your efficient participation and organization in the areas of recruiting, personnel support, personnel development, personnel management as well as compensation and benefits – that the right employees come aboard at the right time and with the right qualifications and will be a permanent part of the team. You will also support implementation of the HR strategy and refinement of the HR processes. We are looking for employees who think outside the box and can and want to see beyond the horizon.

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