Die frühe Phase der Entwicklung fortschrittlicher Formulierungen im Arzneimittelentwicklungsprozess bietet Wettbewerbsvorteile

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Survey "Formulation in the Drug Product Development Process" predicts that drug product formulation recognition and budgets will increase significantly.

The study was based on the 2018 Survey, “Formulation in the Drug Product Development Process,” from Informa Pharma Intelligence, which was initiated by Rentschler Biopharma SE and Leukocare AG. The results provide current insights into the status quo and future of drug product formulation and its potential to refine all steps in the biopharmaceutical value chain. One important fact revealed by the study is that ~60% of the respondents have experienced formulation issues leading to the failure of drug development projects or significant delays — confirming that formulation is a key element of drug development.

If you like to get more details on the study, please do not hesitate to read the full English article.

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