5th Laupheim Biotech Days


With the topic "Bioprocess Intensification" the 5th Biotech Days will spotlight all aspects of the intensification of cell culture-based bioprocesses in the biopharmaceutical industry.

The conference will include both up- and downstream processing and will sport a scientific bandwidth ranging from molecular switches to loop-controlled hybrid processes and intelligent purification strategies.

This turns the 5th Biotech Days into an ideal stage for a rich diversity of strategies to modify process-specific key attributes, enabling a significant enhancement of productivity, product quality, reliability and consistency as well as product safety.

Topics are:

  • Cells for the production of biologics
  • Vectors for cells
  • Omics-technology for cells and processes
  • Minimal-invasive control methods
  • Fast protein purification strategies
  • Product stability


September 20, 2018
16:00 Reception & Exhibition
17:30 Keynote
19:30 Dinner

September 21, 2018
08:00 Exhibition
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Presentations
16:30 Final remarks and farewell "Get-Together"


Schloss Großlaupheim
88471 Laupheim




Leonardo Royal Hotel Ulm
Mörikestraße 17
89077 Ulm 
Code: "5th Biotech Days"

A shuttle bus will run between the hotel and the conference venue.
Please find our shuttle bus schedule here






16:00 Registration & exhibition open
Kulturhaus Schloss Großlaupheim
16:00 Networking & reception
Kulturhaus Schloss Großlaupheim
17:15 Welcome
Dr. Ralf Otto
17:30 Keynote speaker & keyplayer award
Michael Scholl
18:00 Exhibition, networking & reception
Kulturhaus Schloss Großlaupheim
19:30 Dinner
Kulturhaus Schloss Großlaupheim
08:00 Registration & Exhibition Open


08:45 Welcome
Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner

Cell line biology and genetics
09:00 Domesticating CHO cells for protein manufacture - the convoluted story of genes, chromosomes, and population genetics in bioreactors
Prof. Dr. Florian Wurm
09:30 Genome scale science for CHO: towards better understanding and control of phenotype in cell lines and subclones
Prof. Dr. Nicole Borth
10:00 Coffee break, poster session & exhibition
Bioprocess technology upstream
11:00 Perfusion process at high cell density for the production of biopharmaceuticals
Dr. Véronique Chotteau
11:30 A rational strategy for the reduction of protein aggregation in mammalian cell cultures
Prof. Dr. Friedemann Hesse
12:00 Cell culture-based viral vaccines: process intensification and monitoring
Prof. Dr. Udo Reichl
12:30 Lunch break, poster session & exhibition
Downstream processing
14:00 Continuous downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals
Prof. Dr. Alois Jungbauer
14:30 Process analytical technology – where analytics meets modeling
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch
15:00 Coffee break & exhibition
15:30 Process intensification strategies in the context of disposables
Dr. Stefan R. Schmidt
16:00 Intensified monoclonal antibody purification using impurity precipitation strategies
Anja Trapp
16:30 Final remarks and farewell “Get-Together”

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Young Scientists Cell Culture Biotechnology Retreat

The Young Scientists Cell Culture Biotechnology Retreat on September 20, 2018 at Rentschler Biopharma will kick-off the 5th Laupheim Biotech Days.


08:00 Registration
08:45 Welcome
Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner
09:00 The BEST of both worlds – targeted integration and multiple copies: How can this go together for improved cell line development
Emanuel Kreidl
09:30 Towards microfluidic single-cell cultivation of mammalian cell lines
Julian Schmitz
10:00 Compartmented 13C metabolic flux analysis and metabolomics reveal CHO’s mitochondrial shuttle activities under various cultivation conditions
Andy Wiranata Wijaya
10:30 Coffee break & poster
11:00 Cell culture-based perfusion processes for flavivirus production
Alexander Nikolay
11:30 Development of M³C strategies in production processes with CHO cell cultures to prevent the formation of product aggregation during process
Alina Handl
12:00 Membrane-based separation of aqueous two-phase systems for the purification of monoclonal antibodies
Thomas Kruse
12:30 Lunch & poster
14:45 Facility tour

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